1. Meet with a Realtor from Village Realty & Development (VR&D) to review the information for building a home in The Clearings.

  2. After selecting a lot, complete the documents necessary to submit an offer with your VR&D Realtor.

  3. Meet with the VR&D Broker to review your offer and sign the Kohler Co. Lot Purchase Agreement.

  4. Upon acceptance of your offer, you will have up to 8 months to submit the information below and close on your lot within 12 months. During that timeframe, you can either select a preapproved home plan or hire someone to design your home based on the Design Guidelines. You will be responsible for providing the following items to your Realtor prior to your home plans being submitted to the Kohler Co. Design Review Committee:

    A. First floor plan

    B. Second floor plan (if applicable)

    C. Basement plan

    D. Additional plans (3rd story attics, etc.—if applicable)

    E. Four exterior elevations (additional if needed)

    F. Typical wall section, including eave details

    G. Roof plan

    H. Certified site plan

    I. Landscape plan

    J. Samples of all exterior finishes including trim, windows, walls, roof, door, shutters, etc.

    Note: Drawings a-e, g and i are all at 1/8” minimum scale, drawing f must be a 3/8” minimum scale and drawing h must be a 1:20 minimum scale.

  5. During the design process, meet with a designer from the Kohler Design Center for a free consultation. Call (920) 457-3699 to schedule your appointment.

  6. After approval from the Kohler Co. Design Review Committee, you will submit your plans to the Village of Kohler for Planning Commission approval.

  7. Within 10 days of your plans being approved by the Village, you must purchase your lot.

  8. A construction deposit equal to 10% of the lot price is due on the day you buy your lot. This will be held by VR&D to ensure the elevations, grading, exterior finishes and landscaping are constructed according to plan.

  9. Upon completion of the home and landscaping, contact VR&D at (920) 457-1075 for a final review. Deposits will be returned if everything is built to plan.